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Summer Watering Holes: A Guide to Keeping Cool Outside

Watering Holes for Your Summer: A Guide to Keeping Cool Outside Your Kansas City Luxury Apartment This Summer

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digital drawing of an oasis in a desert. the sky is purple, the image is very colorful and saturated Your Kansas City Luxury Apartment This Summer And Have Some Fun in the Process!

When you decide to live at 44 Washington, you aren’t only moving into some of the best luxury apartments in Kansas City, but you’re also moving into one of the most attractive locations, chock full of amenities.

As we’ve discussed before, there are plenty of things to do within walking distance of our luxury apartments, but with the summer sun ablaze in Kansas City, we understand if you would much rather find a place to hang out indoors and have a drink. In the summer spirit, we wanted to add one more variable to the equation: having some fun! 

The Country Club Plaza Features Multiple Upscale Watering Hole Options In the Same Kansas City Neighborhood as Our Modern Apartments

A downtown Kansas City staple, the Country Club Plaza features outdoor entertainment, but multiple chances for you to get inside out of the sun and enjoy a drink and some entertainment. We recommend:

The Monarch Bar

Go from luxury to luxury with a trip to The Monarch! Modern decor and small, upscale dishes complement the beautiful marble main bar at which original craft cocktails are made to order. The atmosphere is set by music for patrons to dance if they please. With easy access from our downtown Kansas city location, your lavish lifestyle doesn’t have to stop at 44 Washington.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Another luxury option that matches our apartments, Cooper’s Hawk is inspired by the pairing of wine and food. Enjoy custom wines from the best grapes in the world right in the heart of downtown Kansas City. Wine lovers will have a blast in their tasting room that will make you forget you aren’t in Napa. 

Change the Pace and Leave Your Downtown Kansas City Apartment

We take pride in our modern apartment offerings, but we know that downtown Kansas City has a lot more for people like you, so we wanted to take a look at some other options that may suit your social life this summer. These fun establishments pair the traditional bar setting with fun pastimes to create environments you can enjoy for hours.

Up-Down KC

Located in the Crossroads Arts District since 2015, Up-Down is a nostalgic blitz of 80s and 90s arcade games, pinball machines, and skee ball lanes. This isn’t Dave & Buster’s though; only adults 21+ are allowed, so you get a mature atmosphere and a chance to reminisce on the good old days with your peers. It’s the perfect place for anyone looking to get out of the hot Kansas City sun, but still enjoy their time indoors.

Pawn & Pint

Pawn & Pint is the only board game pub in Kansas City. Opened in 2016 and in the River Market since 2017, Pawn & Pint combines two popular American pastimes: drinking and board games. This fusion creates an atmosphere that will draw you in and keep you there for hours. From classic quick hitters like Connect 4 to newer marathon games like Railways & Robber Barons, there’s something at Pawn & Pint for everyone. 

Our Pet-Friendly Apartments Near You Are Also Close to Bar K! 

While your dogs are always at home in our pet-friendly apartments, we know that it’s summertime for them, too, and the humans can’t have all the fun! Bar K offers a fulfilling experience for both dogs and owners with on-leash and off-leash play areas. The dogs have to play outside, but you can have a drink or grab a bite indoors in the cool while the staff dogtenders keep an eye on your pup. Visit Bar K, and treat yourself and your dog to a nice summer day of fun.

You Can Stay Home In Your Kansas City Luxury Apartment, Too

We consider our downtown Kansas City location a major perk, but it doesn’t mean you have to get out and explore it. We are more than happy to accommodate your summer days and nights right here at 44 Washington. 

Relax indoors and play some billiards in the resident lounge, or take a dip in our pool that also features a swim-up bar. You’ve got plenty of options on-site to fill your summer. 

Don’t feel left out; come join our community! Explore our floor plans online, or schedule a tour of the top downtown Kansas City apartments and executive suites. Call our team at (816) 412-8490 or send us a message online

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